GI Joe 1964 1965 #7720 MOC Marine Medic Crutch Stethoscope Small Card

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#7720 MOC Marine Medic Small Card
In 1964, the original GI Joe marketing plan was simple.  Sell them the doll...err...action figure :-) and then sell them plenty of outfit/accessories to go with it.  Seems simple today but it was unique in the toys for boys market (but successfully implemented with Mattel?s Barbie 5 years earlier) of the early 1960s.  Each item is displayed where it could easily be seen on a store shelf - each one sewn on a card and visible through cello window or seal.  This is one of the sets you could buy to compliment your GI Joe soldier, sailor, marine, or pilot.  This particular set contains:

- Crutch
- Plasma Bottle
- Splints x4
- Gauze Bandages x5
- Triangular Bandage
- Stethoscope

Item Condition (Specific)

Small cello slit near IV bottle - otherwise, factory sealed with Helmet sticker!

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