Addams Family Chas Charles 1940s ATLAS CHINA Plate Caged Stroller

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Addams Family Chas Charles 1940s ATLAS CHINA Plate Caged Stroller

Addams Family vs. the Munsters...... Its a pop culture trivia question that ranks up there with Spiderman vs. Batman, Jeannie vs. Samantha, or....Maryann vs. Ginger.

The Addams Family is a fabulous example of great characters done in so many ways.  In 1932 Chas Addams, sold his first "spot" sketch to the New Yorker, and his continuing work for the New Yorker highlighted his talent for macabre humor.  Not yet named, the mysterious & spooky family of Chas. Addams' imagination became recurring characters in his strips and books.

In 1964, the "Addams Family" made the leap from comic strips to live action TV.  Fittingly filmed in black and white, the show featured a great cast, a faithful following of Addams' gallows humor, and a warm reception into our hearts.  While the TV show only lasted 2 years before it was cancelled, it has acquired a huge cult following.

The Addams Family next moved to a new medium - animation.  In 1973, after many guest appearances on other cartoons, the Addams Family got their own animated series which only lasted one year.  As the Addams Family TV show became more popular in syndication, most of the original cast returned for a 1977 TV special - The Addams Family Halloween special. 

After that, fans had to wait until 1991 to have something new.  And, worth the wait it was!  The Addams Family movie came out.....the cast was unbelievable great and the tone of the movie harked back to the days of the Chas Addams' New York strips.  Clever, funny, and a little darker than the TV series, it was a great return to the Addams Family origins.  The movie was then followed up by a sequel in 1993, The Addams Family Values (ok....the Happy Hut....the big Thanksgiving play at the end where the Indians turn the tables and attack/capture the Pilgrims are just inspired).  Lastly, during 1992/1993 there was another try at an animated TV series.

While the TV series collectibles are the most common, there were some Addams Family collectibles put out in the 1940s in conjunction with the New Yorker strips.  Aboriginals LTD put out a series of "rag" type dolls - Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Grandmama.  Atlas China put out a line of dishware which included dinner plates, desert plates, glasses, etc.

This Atlas China small plate measures about 6-1/4".  The plates came with different strips featured on the front.  This one features a very frazzled nanny/mom out walking "junior" in his metal caged stroller!  Note the great "trademark" on the back of the plate.

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Great shape?no chips, cracks, nor breaks.

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