Disney 1960's The Jungle Book Charm Bracelet Pre-Production Prototype

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Disney 1960's The Jungle Book Charm Bracelet Pre-Production Prototype

This listing is for a rare prototype bracelet - from Disney's 1965 Animated feature The Jungle Book! Unique and one of a kind! The charm bracelet made it to production and, although a bit scarce, can be found.  The bracelet is gold tone with enameled color on each charm.  There are four figures:

  • Baby Elephant
  • Shere Khan the Tiger
  • Baloo The Beat
  • King Louie

 The bracelet is about 6 1/4" in length (child size). All of the charms are stamped " Walt Disney Productions" on the back side.  From here - the production packing starts diverging. The most obvious difference is that King Louie is completely missing from the production artwork!  The artwork insert is flat without folds.  The logo has "Walt Disney Presents" added. Kaa has his slithering tongue exposed.  And most curiously - Mowgli has gone from having a relaxing nice day to looking like someone has eaten the last of the Sugar Frosted Flakes!  We personally like the pre-production version much better.  Hopefully, that Disney Product Manager didn't keep their job long!  Here are some reference images of the production version:

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Item Condition (Specific)

Really cool ONE OF A KIND item! Pre-production/prototype packaging!

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