Mattel Pull String Talker Charlie The Tuna Talking MIB Sealed! 1960's StarKist

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Mattel Pull String Talker Charlie Tuna Talking MIB Factory Sealed! 1960's

Charlie the Tuna from Star-kist. Original mail order item from 1969. Pillow Pal. Although not marketed as such, he is one of Mattel's Talking Originals line - Pillow Pals.  He measures about 14" tall.

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Item Condition (Specific)

The doll is in great shape - FACTOY SEALED and with rare and scarce original hang tag! As is with these vintage Mattel talking dolls...this one does not talk (there is an interior belt that ages and breaks after 35+ years! They can be fixed but we didn't wish to open the sealed bag!).

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