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Barbie #0968 1958 Set Roman Holiday Outfit With RARE COMPACT

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Item History (General)

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Barbie #0968 1958 Set Roman Holiday Outfit

This listing is for one of Barbie's most desirable outfits - Barbie #0968 1958 Set Roman Holiday - available for only one year. A complete set includes:
  • Coat, Red and White Striped, Long
    • Shear lining, Red
    • Buttons on the front and pockets
  • Dress
    • Matching Bodice Red
    • Navy Skirt
  • Compact, Brass - "engraved" "B"
    • 3/8" , Hinged with Mirror in Lid
    • Puff, Pink
  • Belt, White Plastic
  • Hat, Red Straw Half
  • Purse, Clutch, White Plastic
  • Eyeglasses, Black Rimmed
  • Eyeglass Case, Clear and White Plastic
  • Hankie, White
  • Comb, Pink
  • Gloves, White, Short
  • Necklace, Tricot Pearl on a Chain
  • Heels, Black Open Toe

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Item Condition (Specific)

Nice ALL ORIGINAL set - missing not too hard to find hankie, pink comb, and necklass. Also missing rare puff for compact. BUT compact is present. Compact does have a replaced wire/hinge pin to keep the pieces together. And the obvious aging condition issues. They look worse magnified than in person. The hat has a broken inner band. Eyeglasses are misssing one the temples, the belt has extra holes and may be trimmed. Sounds like a lot - but really just trying to be through. The compass is a real treasure in any condition and is said by many to be a holy grail. The set, in total, still presents well.

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