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Star Trek Aurora Model MIB 1968 Mr. Mr Spock 1st Issue AMT Unused

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Item History (General)

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Star Trek Aurora Model MIB 1968 Mr. Mr Spock 1st Issue AMT

Here it is folks. THE FIRST Star Trek figure kit! If you collect Star Trek model kits, you've GOT to have the first officer of the star ship, U.S.S. Enterprise. The original Star Trek show didn't have a huge license tie in - there's not a lot of merchandise that was actually available DURING the show's original run. This is one of the few. We love Spock grappling with a 3 headed snake! TOO COOL!!

100% ALL ORIGINAL.  English/Canadian version released under the AURORA model kit company logo.  Molded in black plastic - as opposed to the white plastic used in the US release.  The story is that Aurora artists designed the kit - but AMT had the Star Trek rights in the US tied up with all the star ships models they produced.  Aurora was able to release the kit under their name in foreign markets.

Package art text:
Plastic model kit of Star Trek's most popular character

All new big scale model of Mr. Spock the Vulcan first officer of Star Trek's Star ship Enterprise! The assembled model stands over six inches tall and features the popular pointed-eared Spock in life-and-death confrontation with a giant three-headed space serpent. The figures are mounted on a large, detailed, extra-terrestial base. Everything is precision-molded for easy assembly and complete instructions for authentic color schemes are included.

Paint and cement not included.

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Item Condition (Specific)

Meticulously checked - complete. Unstarted. No paint. No glue.