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GI Joe 1975 AT #7421 MOC MIB Jaws of Death

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Item History (General)

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GI Joe 1975 AT #7421 MOC MIB Jaws of Death
As the late 1960s progressed and the war in Viet Nam saw more and more local protesting, GI Joe had to transition from his military beginnings to survive. He became an "adventurer" - exploring and conquering the sea, the jungle, the desert, and even space.  And even dangerous situations in the 'concrete jungle'.  After the initial and short-lived 1969 transition series, the adventures of GI Joe were in full transition with the military theme left far behind. By the time 1975 rolled around, the 12 inch series had run its course. Even the colorful packing of the 1975 items couldn't save Joe. The late run carded items from this year are very hard to find today. This is one of them. The 1975 release of Jaws of Death!

The set included:
  • Wetsuit, Gray (the most susceptible to age rot - we don't believe ANY exist today in a wearable state)
  • Tanks, Yellow
  • Underwater Explorer (Yellow and Black)
  • Fins, Open Top (Hong Kong)
  • Knife, Unpainted
  • Spear Gun, Unpainted
  • Giant Clam

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Item Condition (Specific)

Set is unused and factory sealed. Wetsuit has aged badly as 99.9% of them do. Box has some minor, nicely done, tear repairs. But overall, a very nice example. Rare in any condition - good luck finding another any time soon!