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James Bond 1965 Gilbert Doll Action Figure 007 12" RARE SEARS Suit Top,Shirt,Tie

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Item History (General)

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James Bond 1965 Gilbert Doll Action Figure 007 12" RARE SEARS Suit

Back in the 60s, James Bond hit the big screen in all its glory! Being the success that it was, the Bond franchise spawned a great line of toys!!!  This 12" Sean Connery, James Bond, doll was produced in 1965 by Gilbert. An incredibly limited Sears exclusive run included, among other things, a tweed suit and a working shoe blade (stolen from Rosa Klebb).  The exclusive box bore a painting with a great likeness of Sean Connery.  We surmise that Gilbert, being as cheap as they were, opted to mass produce a Thunderball themed figure - in bathing suit and t-shirt - over this version.  Good luck finding it.  Quite scarce.


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Item Condition (Specific)

ORIGINAL - rare shirt, suit jacket, and tie. And figure, of course. Not sure abuot the socks - but they also look legit - but can't guarantee it. Not sure the origin of the pants/shoes (marked Japan on soles). They're just a throw in and not originally a part of the ensemble.