Major Matt Mason 1968 Figure MATT Blue Strap Silver Collar Nice

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Major Matt Mason 1968 Fig MATT Blue Strap Silver Collar

Wow.  Was it REALLY only 4 years???!!  Yep...from the years 1967 to 1970, Mattel marketed and sold Mattel's Man in Space - Major Matt Mason!  And his accessories and cohorts, too. Standing only 6" tall, the white-suited astronaut fired up young boys imaginations at a time when Man was first landing on the moon.  While much of his initial design and accessories were based on actual NASA designs, Mattel obviously added a large fantasy,sci-fi element to the line.

This item is the extremely rare 1st issue, post White Rubber version of Major Matt Mason.The initial release was molded in white rubber, silver painted cuffs, blue painted straps, large red dots on the arms and legs, and had its "bellows" joints painted black. After complaints that the black paint quickly rubbed off, Mattel began molding the figure in black rubber, over-painting the white and color areas. The first versions of the 'non-white rubber' still sported the silver cuffs and collars, the second losing the cuffs but still retained the collar. Until, quickly all silver was eliminated.

Item Condition (Specific)

Less than typical collar paint loss. And a few random minor missing dots. INTACT WIRES. Overall, not too shabby!

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