James Bond 1967 Aston Martin Frankonia Gilbert Style Secret Agent Friction Boxed

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James Bond 1967 Aston Martin Frankonia Gilbert Style Secret Agent Friction Boxed

The scarce Frankonia distributed model tin, friction drive Aston Martin DB5 - owned by the one and only James Bond (first used by Sean Connery in 1964's Goldfinger and even seen in the 1st Roger Craig outing).  Obviously modeled after Gilbert's version - the car is eerily similar. However, the figures in this set are hollow vinyl plastic.  Technically, there is no "James Bond" anywhere on the box - so clearly unlicensed (boy, what you could get away with back in the day!).  Made in Japan.  Most we've seen originated in Europe -we're not sure if these ever saw a U.S. distribution.  Model measures about 11" long.  Car features include:

  • Secret Key Antenna
  • Bullet-Proof Shield (Rises And Lowers)
  • Retractable Machine Guns Fire Automatically
  • Crash Bumpers Extend And Retract
  • Secret Push Button Ejects Enemy
  • Pull Out Secret Key Antenna To Lock Motor
  • Powered By Friction Motor.

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Item Condition (Specific)

Appears unused with only minor storage age wear. It has no antenna - it's a rare piece but the handful we've seen boxed 1/2 of them don't have antennas. It's either a manufacturing change - or the antenna comes off very easily. Be that as it may, again, no antenna. Al functions work. Wheels have natural "dirty" look to them - a lot of these tires end up looking like that. Not sure how to clean them. Description meant to be thorough - it truly does appear unused.

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