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James Bond 1965 Aston Martin ASC Secret Agent Gilbert Friction No Guns Gama

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Item History (General)

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James Bond 1965 Aston Martin ASC Secret Agent Gilbert Friction No Guns Gama

The scarce ASC model tin, friction drive Aston Martin DB5 - owned by the one and only James Bond (first used by Sean Connery in 1964's Goldfinger and even seen in the 1st Roger Craig outing).  Obviously modeled after Gilbert's version - the car and driver/passenger are eerily similar, however, they do differ in that the ASC version is about 2/3 the size (about 8") and is friction driven as opposed to Gilbert's battery operated version.  In the ASC version, the machine guns and bullet proof shield are 'operated' by pressing down on the antenna.  Additionally, one can eject the passenger by pressing a lever just on the edge of the passenger's window.  ASC didn't own the license to "James Bond" so there is no reference to him on the car or the box.  However, also released in Germany under the Gama label - Gama DID own the license rights to "James Bond" - the Gama version sports the license plate "JB 007" while the ASC version has license plates that read "ASC 9511".  Also Gama's version's undercarriage was stamped with the "007" logo. It's interesting to note that ASC ALSO released a version WITHOUT the shield and bullets!

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Item Condition (Specific)

Alas, passenger is missing. Otherwise, model is in wonderful shape! All in all, though, a very nice example of a hard to find model!

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