GI Joe 1964 1974 AT #7280 Set Land Adventurer Life Like Uniform Kung Fu Grip

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GI Joe 1964 1976 AT #7280 Set Land Adventurer Life Like Body w Uniform KFG

Hasbro's GI Joe American soldier was an almost immediate success when it debuted in 1964.  However, the culture in America changed drastically from the early 60s to the end of the decade.  As the war in Viet Nam became front page news, many lost their taste for a military themed toy for their kid to play with.  So Joe underwent a marketed change in design as the military theme was downplayed and he was transformed into an adventurer.  Now, instead of battling "the enemy" he now battled nature and monsters of lore.  In 1975, Hasbro introduced a new body style - this body lessened the articulation - but was probably much cheaper to produce.  These figures were "put together" using an elastic mechanism.  Unfortunately, these all degrade over the decades - causing heads and arms to fall off.  Any of these figures found today that are "together" will have been reassembled by modern collectors.  We, ourselves, prefer them reassembled - the alternative is just a pile of body pieces!  This entry is the 1976 Land Adventure "basic".  It contained

  • GI Joe 1976 Life Like "Muscle" Body Style
  • Shorts, Camouflaged
  • Uniform, Camouflaged
  • Boots, Short
  • Hunting Rifle, Black w Rubber Strap
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Item Condition (Specific)

Would be in great shape but it does have typical age issues/repairs to KFG hands.

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