Gunsmoke 1958 Parks Target Game James Arness Matt Dillon Boxed

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Gunsmoke 1958 Parks Target Game James Arness Boxed

Boys and girls alike grew up with a love of the heroic tales of the Old West.....Cowboys, cowgirls, and their trusty steeds!!!!  I think girls like the horses, and boys like the shoot-em-up westerns!  Out of the many cowboy toys produced during the 1950's, one of the hardest toys to locate is the Gunsmoke target set.  Most were used and then tossed.  We love the packaging that accompanies most sets - with pictures of the the 'subject' adorning the cover.  This set displays a nice black and white image of Matt Dillon (as played by James Arness).  The box is roughly 1" x 16" x 22".  Set contains two "Double Barrel Dart Guns - Shoots Two Darts...One Or Two At A Time-Exclusive 'Spring Back' Action Target...Resets Automatically."  There are town scene targets as well as villainous gunfighters.  Contains 4 darts.

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Very scarce. Set box is designed very thin - was never made to last over 50 years. Obvious wear and tear. But still very presentable. Contents appear to be unused or used only once or twice. Darts still have original holder. Cardboard targets are all in amazing shape (missing one small stand support). Not going to see another one of these anytime soon.

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