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GI Joe 1967 #5904 MIB Canadian Mountie RCMP Plain Box Tan Pouch Hasbro

GI Joe 1967 #5904 MIB Canadian Mountie RCMP Plain Box Tan Pouch Hasbro
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#5904 Canadian Mountie RCMP (Hasbro) - SearsStock No. 38074 Plain Box
The original GI Joe American soldier was marketed as an action figure in basic military fatigues purchased in a 2 part style box - accompanying him were various military outfits one could purchase separately to dress him in. As the 60's moved on, and Hasbro needed to refelct the times, Joe began getting accessories that were more adventure than military themed.  Sold for a very short time in 1967 and, reportedly sold only in Canada, this outfit is one of the more difficult to come by.  This is a 1967 GI Joe "Action Men" Canadian Mountie set.  Made exclusively for Sears Canada.  It's incredibly hard to find today.  It included:

  • Plain white Sears catalog box #38074
  • G.I. JoeREG Patent Pending Action Figure, Made in Canada, foreign soldier head
  • Tunic/Coat (Tagged "G.I. JOE® BY HASBRO JAPAN") w epaulets
  • Revolver, painted black grip with hole and string
  • Sam Browne Belt with shoulder strap
  • Pants (Tagged "G.I. JOE® BY HASBRO JAPAN"),
  • Campaign Hat (Incised "Hasbro® HONG KONG") w/strap, buckle
  • Web Belt, White
  • Billy Club, Tan
  • Goggles
  • Snow Shoes, White
  • Jack Boots, Black (common) or Brown (RARE - unique to set)
  • Radio, Green Camo
  • Canteen
  • Pick
  • Tan First Aid Pouch RARE!!!

Don't be confused by the all too common Action Man version.  This one's all original, 100% 1960s Hasbro.

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