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Batman 1966 Ideal Playset Batmobile JLA Justice League

Item History (General)

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In the 1960s, Ideal put out a couple of great super hero playsets which pretty much covers Batman and the Justice League of America figures & villains.  The set was released with the perennial favorites like Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Joker.  There were also quite a few interesting "villains" - Keyman, Mouseman, Brainstorm, and my favorite figure, the Robot!  The playset also include various accessories - mountains, computers, buildings - all terribly out of scale and made from a very thin vaccuform plastic (making them difficult to find today).

This is an all original Batman Batmobile! It measures roughly 6" long.  The Batmobile itself was designed pretty nicely - and came in two versions - one of which actually included small figures of Batman and Robin.  This latter version is incredible scarce - in fact, we’re still looking for one to add to our personal collection!


Item Condition (Specific)

100% vintage 1966 - although windscreens are from the Aurora model kit (the Ideal windscreens are a bit thicker and have a clear crossbar that connects the two pieces). Clearly, one was copied from the other as the models are near identical. Very difficult piece to find.