Wolfman Wolfman
Mego 8" 1974 Universal Monster Wolfman Figure ALL ORIGINAL A

$59.95All original, vintage Mego!!! In very nice shape.....MORE

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Universal Monster AHI WOLFMAN 1973 Jiggler With Tag Frankenstein Error

$299.95 As new. Incredbily nice shape!! Has factory error - Frankenstein hang tag....MORE

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Frankenstein 1960s Roalex Sliding Puzzle Creature Lagoon Wolfman Mummy MOC

Light wear…but overall in great shape!...MORE
Mego Mad Monster 1980 Lion Rock White Back Card Wolfman MOC

$799.95These late entry Mego releases (without the Mego logo anywhere on the card) were cheap rack toys. Hence the lack of adv...MORE

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Universal Monsters Wolfman Phantom 1960s Flicker Lentinucla Ring Don Post White

$129.95Nice shape....MORE

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This is just a sample of one of our gallery items. Click on it to enter our entire gallery!Barbie #1646 1965 MOC Barbie Magnificence NRFB MIB
Barbie #1646 1965 MOC Barbie Magnificence NRFB MIB
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