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September 9, 2016 - Update
The Duane Smailus Collection - If you had been eying something in Duane's collection and was a bit hesitant over price - your time has come!  Duane has continued his 20% off sale! And he's put a seemingly whopping $50,000 "take it all" price on it. There is a lot there - and should leave a substantial profit for anyone wishing to part it out. Stop on by when you get a chance - Smailus Collection

May 18, 2016 - Update
Categories: Okay.  We had the brilliant - if we do say so ourselves - idea to not only break out loose parts/accessories into their own categories - but to ALSO group ALL loose parts/accessories under their own product groupings.  So, if you're of the mindset to complete those sets, be they GI Joe, Star Wars, Mego, Barbie, or whatever, you'll need to start and stop in one place!  The menu item is "Parts,Vintage Accessories,Parts (ORIGINAL)" - here's a direct link: Parts.

Our Content & eBay Listings

The age of the internet...knowledge at our fingerprints.  There's nothing better than collectors being able to share/learn with fellow collectors and reduce misinformation floating around the web/eBay.  While we all benefit from a great Google search, there is a lot of time and energy....and personalization that we put into our listings.  As such, we ask:  If you are going to use the content from our website in your listings, PLEASE rewrite them.  We try to personalize our site and wholesale copying of our content is incredibly frustrating to us.  And, yes, we run into our "copy" all the time - we do recognize our own writing! 

Buying    Buying    Buying   &   Want Lists

We are always looking to buy quality vintage collections of Megos, Superheros, Monster, Aurora Models, Barbie, Star Wars, Beatles, Sci-Fi, Animation-Cartoon Characters, Disney, Lunchboxes, Spy (Bond, UNCLE), Star Trek, Personality & More.  Feel free to email list of picture/prices or call.  Save eBay fees - send your sales list to us first!  It's a win-win for all.

Some of our best items sell within minutes of being listed on our website....some items sell BEFORE they are ever listed on our website....How is that possible?????  Want Lists!!!...We love working with regular customers, and we have quite a few that have sent us specific "want lists".  If we get an item they are looking for, we can email them before it ever goes live on our site.  So, if you have a specific item(s) you are looking for, email us a detailed want list....and we'll do our best to fill it!!!

Duane Smailus Collection - Jan 2016 Update
Duane is one of our favorite customers...and someone we consider a friend even though he wouldn't know us if he passed us in a hallway.  Duane was (and still is in his own way) a serious collector, and in his 13 years of collecting, he amassed one of the premier GI Joe collections in the world (Vintage 1964 -1980s, 12" GI Joe and his foreign cousins (Palitoy, Ceji, Falcon, Geyper Man, Action Joe, etc).  He's a bit modest and wouldn't advertise it as such - but we suffer no such ailments.  He's a scientist by trade - and it shows in his attention to detail.  You'll see examples of very rare prototypes - as well as hard to find foreign sets.   While some items have sold (marked "SOLD"), he still has a lot of great items.  Even if you're not interested in a purchase, stop by anyway for a look at some rare's quite a treat!
Duane Collection
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NOW - 20% Off!!

Christmas' Past

We love to celebrate "toys in their natural environment" and invite you to send in vintage pictures of yourself (or others - with their permission, of course!) opening up those toys of yesterday (heck, we'll even take birthday or other events of same!).  We think it's great fun to share our experiences - I believe most collectors are in this, at least partially, to relive their childhood.  Let's all share a bit! :)  With that thought, our first entry is from one of our customers who was so kind to share his Christmas photo - 'Tommy' circa 1966 or so, age 10 or 11...getting ready to begin a fun filled day with the Cartrights of Bonanza fame!

Thanks for your continued support!!

Laura & Louie

In the beginning - Oct 12, 2006

And our website was born!!!!  After being in business for over 20 years, we finally decided to officially develop and roll out our own website with the goal of making shopping on the Internet the rewarding experience it SHOULD be.  Great Customer Service - High Quality Items - Detailed Pictures & Descriptions - Careful Shipping!!!!  We're collectors we treat our customers how we'd like to be treated!

The site is a "live" document....we intend it to continue to grow.  We really miss the old days of direct interaction with people, and we actually have a phone number you call if you wish!! Oh, if the desire to purchase something strikes your fancy, feel free to purchase away! 

And feel free to tell a friend!

Best Regards,

Laura & Louie

Here's a small selection of our most recent additions (all immediately available for sale)...

Howdy Doody 1950s Effanbee Composition 20 Inches HIGH GRADE

Disney World Easter Airlines 1971 Pop Up Card Decorcation Mickey Donald

Barbie #1160 1968 Twist n Turn TNT Accessory X-Stand

Barbie #1871 1968 Accessory Romantic Ruffles Dress

Barbie #1870 1968 Accessory Midi-Marvelous Dress

Barbie #1869 1968 Accessory Midi-Magic Dress

Barbie #1821 1968 Accessory Underliners Teddy and A Stocking

Barbie #1804 1968 Accessory Knit Hit Dress

Barbie #1845 1968 Set Barbie Scene Stealers Near Complete

Barbie #1845 1968 Accessory Scene Stealers Green Lame Top

Barbie #1864 1968 Set Close Ups

Barbie #1823 1968 Accessory Jump Into Lace Dress

Barbie PAK 1963 Accessories Large Group Clothing x17 Mix & Match Lot

Barbie Madame Alexander Kins Cissette Vintage Black Straw Hat

Barbie PAK 1963 Accessories On The Go Sheath x3 Dresses Green Blue Red

Barbie PAK 1963 Accessories Black White Floral Playsuit Skirt

Barbie #4042 1969 Accessory Hair Fair Head Band Hair Braid Roses Accents Blonde

Madame Alexander Cissette Doll 1957 Purse Pearl Taffeta Handbag Jacquelin

Sindy Doll 1973 Bridesmaid Pearl Necklace

Liddle Kiddles 1966 #3501 Bunson Burnie MOC NRFC

Red Hot Little Red Riding Hood Statue Tex Avery 1995 LE Kent Melton Hey Wolfie

Hanna Barbera Tom & Jerry 1965 Transogram Target Playset

Barbie #0961 1962 Set Evening Splendor Outfit All Original Near Complete

Barbie #0984 1961 Set American Airlines Stewardess All Original Complete

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This is just a sample of one of our gallery items. Click on it to enter our entire gallery!Hanna Barbera Tom & Jerry 1965 Transogram Target Playset
Hanna Barbera Tom & Jerry 1965 Transogram Target Playset
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