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October 08, 2014 - WE'RE BACK!!!

Time flies so quickly, and it's way past time to update our website "blurb".  If you stopped by our site in the last few days, you'll have noted it being down.  Without any advanced notice, our web hosting company decided to upgrade a few key apps on our server.  Of course, these "new and improved" apps didn't play nicely with our website - forcing us into doing an unplanned upgrade. Anyway, in case you were wondering, yes, the website is still active, and we're happy to have it back in action.

Although the programming changes don't make our website look much different, rest assured our updated inventory certainly does!  Be sure to stop by from time to time to see what is currently in stock.   Now that our programming update is done, we can get back to adding many more new items.  We collect, buy, and sell...and wish we could keep all the great things we come across. But, alas, we can't, and we wouldn't be here with a website of products for sale if we could. So, we're happy to 'share'.  And, of course, we love the friendships gained along the way!

Another update on the Duane Smailus collection. Duane is one of our favorite customers...and someone we consider a friend even though we wouldn't know him if he passed us in a hallway.  He's been selling his 13 year collection of vintage 1964 -1980s, 12" GI Joe and his foreign cousins (Palitoy, Ceji, Falcon, Geyper Man, Action Joe, etc).  Duane was (and still is in his own way) a serious collector - he amassed one of the premier GI Joe collections in the world.  He's a bit modest and wouldn't advertise it as such - but we suffer no such ailments.  He's a scientist by trade - and it shows in his attention to detail.  You'll see examples of very rare prototypes - as well as hard to find foreign sets.  Since no takers were available to purchase his collection as a whole (and believe us when we tell you that there were probably less than a handful that could have come up with that much money - his collection is that good), Duane began parting out his collection a few months back.  But a collection of this caliber isn't going to all sell immediately.  He's still got a lot of great items.  Even if you're not interested in a purchase, stop by anyway for a look of some rare items:

Duane Collection
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We greatly appreciate your business and hope you enjoy browsing our site.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.  Don't forget - we also love working from want feel free to let us know what you are specifically looking for!

Thanks so much!!!

Christmas' Past

Our attempt to add a  "Christmas' Past" section hasn't come to fruition.  But we still invite you to send in vintage pictures of yourself (or others - with their permission, of course!) opening up those toys of yesterday (heck, we'll even take birthday or other events of same!).  We think it's great fun to share our experiences - I believe most collectors are in this, at least partially, to relive their childhood.  Let's all share a bit! :)  With that thought, our first entry is from one of our customers who was so kind to share his Christmas photo - 'Tommy' circa 1966 or so, age 10 or 11...getting ready to begin a fun filled day with the Cartrights of Bonanza fame!  

Thanks for your continued support!!

Laura & Louie

Oct 12, 2006

After being in business for over 20 years now (has it really been that long??!), we finally decided to officially develop and roll out our own website (we have been selling on eBay for over 8 years now but this is our first solo flight!). We know that shopping on the Internet is not always the rewarding experience it SHOULD be.  If you're like us, you're tired of the extremely poor customer service provided by over 90% of eBay 'sellers'.  The horror stories are never ending.  $300 purchases arriving in the mail wrapped in nothing more than butcher paper (with, no wonder, bend folds running through the middle); "mint" items arriving with rust, paint touch ups, etc; all original items arriving with repro boxes and/or parts; $700 ceramics arriving tossed into a box with absolutely nothing more than a thin piece of newspaper floating around the now damaged figures; items not arriving AT ALL...ouch!!  We are constantly striving to provide the opposite of that!  

The site is a "live" document....we intend it to continue to grow.   Please browse around and let us know what you think.  If you're of the mind, feel free to send us a want list.  We really miss the old days of direct interaction with people.  We actually have a phone number you call if you wish!!  Oh, if the desire to purchase something strikes your fancy, feel free to purchase away! 

And feel free to tell a friend!

Best Regards,

Laura & Louie

Here's a small selection of our most recent additions (all immediately available for sale)...

Munsters 1967 Show Time Annual Barris Auto Program Speed Show Souvenir Magazine

Batman The Animated Series 2000 Warner Bros Store WBSS Wall Plaque Robin  MIB

Batman The Animated Series 2000 Warner Bros Store WBSS Wall Plaque Catwoman MIB

Disney MPC 1972 Model Pirates Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales MIB

Automobile 1950s MIB Car Tin Friction Airport Limousine Blue Japan

Superman 1950s Funtime Playwear Official Play Suit Yellow Box Boy Girl Boxed

Lost in Space Viewmaster GAF 1967 B482 Set

Mattel 1963 Toy Dealer Catalog Large Cap Guns Rifles Musical Jack Boxes ORIGINAL

Hot Wheels Redline 1969 Prell Giveaway Silhouette Olive Green MOC Car Only

Mego Star Trek 1974 8" Series MOC KIRK ORIGINAL T2 Body

Mego 8" 1970s WGSH Teen Titans Speedy Complete ALL ORIGINAL

Mego 12" 1979 WGSH MIB Spider-Man Spiderman Web-Spinning FACTORY SEALED

Mego 8" MOC 1979 WGSH Mr. Mister Fantastic 4 ALL ORIGINAL Pin Pin High Grade

Mego 8" MOC 1979 WGSH Human Torch Fantastic Four ALL ORIGINAL Pin Pin

Mego WGSH Bend n Flex WGSH Bendy 1974 SUPERMAN Cuz SUPERGIRL

Mego 8" MIB 1972 WGSH Batman Pal Robin ALL ORIGINAL DC Marvel 4 Panel

Mego 8" PLANET OF THE APES 1974 Alan Virdon MIB BOXED All Original

Mego 8" MOC 1975 WGSH Spider-Man ALL ORIGINAL American Card

Mego 8" 1974 PLANET OF THE APES Zira MOC Mini-Catalog High Grade ALL ORIGINAL

Mego 8" PLANET OF THE APES URSUS MOC Palitoy Bradgate 1974 All Original

Mego 12" 1978 WGSH MIB Burbank Toys Incredible HULK Bruce Banner Factory Sealed

Mego 8" MOC Starsky & Hutch Palitoy Hutch Scarce Version

Mego 8" PLANET OF THE APES Zira MOC Palitoy Bradgate 1974 All Original

Mego 8" PLANET OF THE APES Zaius MOC Palitoy Bradgate 1974 All Original

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This is just a sample of one of our gallery items. Click on it to enter our entire gallery!Tinykins 1960s Flintstones Barney Disneykins Line
Tinykins 1960s Flintstones Barney Disneykins Line
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