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Gowland Model Kit Navy 1952 Ship in a Bottle Shipyard Lot Addar

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Gowland Model Kit Navy 1950s Ship in a Bottle Shipyard Lot

This listing is for a lot of Gowland Model Kit Navy 1950s Ship in a Bottle Shipyard.

Gowland's name is pretty much lost to history these days - but they were really instrumental in the creation of the current plastic model kit industry. They produced the very first plastic automobile kit in 1950.

In 1952, long before Addar would do the same in the 1970's, Gowland & Gowland (not sure if brothers or father and son) released their "ship" series - the ships could be bought in a "Shipyard" series entitled "Ships in Miniature" or with a "ship in a bottle" theme entitled (obviously) "Ships in Bottles".

The ship itself measures roughly 5" long once assembled. The collection included (we assume all kits were available with and without the bottle - but haven't verified this):

  • Santa Maria 1492
  • Golden Hind 1588
  • Mayflower 1620
  • Bon Homme Richard 1779
  • SS Savannah 1819
  • The Flying Cloud 1849
  • Charles W. Morgan 1850
  • Gertrude L. Thebaud 1929
  • Frigate Constitution 1797
  • US Revenue cutter 1849

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